Create Your Own Laser Engraved Rings


Create Own Ring with out 3D laser series!  Incredibly detailed resolution.  Imagine featuring your artwork or jersey number on your ring.  This great looking ring is one where a customer sent in their artwork to be carved right into the ring by our powerful laser. The artwork supplied is in the form of a gif, jpg, or similar file, and should have bold lines of crisp black against a white background.  Higher resolution is better.  The artwork can be left standing or it can be carved in. The files can be emailed to us separately. The flat ring shown is size 7.5 and 10mm wide in a polished finish.

Note: we will not reproduce copyrighted, trademarked, intellectual property or otherwise protected images or themes - unless you are the owner. 


Let your freak flag fly! Get creative, if you can dream and supply a jpeg, it can most likely be put on your ring ...  Looks great in a polished finish.

Available in: Titanium 6SAL4V, Titanium 8-1-1, Cobalt Chrome, Black Zirconium (reversed color pattern from what is shown) or Stainless Steel

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