Custom Laser Filmstrip Rings


At first glance our Laser Engraved "Filmstrip" Titanium Rings appear to feature a random filmstrip motif but look closer... The pictures are the story of your life.  You supply the pictures; we create the ring using 9 level gray scale. Shown in a size 10 x 9 mm wide featuring 7 images. Widths for this particular laser engraved titanium ring are proportionate to size, necessary to achieve proper scale appearance.  If you are concerned about width with your size, feel free to inquire.

Close up pictures work the best.  The images are turned to 4 x 6 aspect ratio.  Simply place the order and email your pictures.  Looks great in a polished finish.

Available in: Titanium 6SAL4V, Titanium 8-1-1, Cobalt Chrome, Black Zirconium (reversed color pattern from what is shown) or Stainless Steel

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