About Us


My college sweetheart (see above) and I were walking down a sidewalk in a quaint little town on a crisp fall evening in 1994,  "let's stop in here" I suggested, holding the door open.  Her eyes welled with tears and her smile began to show.  She knew....  After taking few minutes to compose herself, we went in holding hands, both of us nearly overcome with emotion... and the jeweler knew it!  We picked out our rings on an evening I will never forget - financially....  Agreed, Kim's engagement ring was absolutely amazing, but her band was just a band, and didn't really compliment the unique design of her engagement ring.  Mine was just a simple band.  I absolutely overpaid for something.... average. 

Kim resigned as Miss Corporate Climber when our first son was born as  I continued to progress through a career in Local Government. We felt our lives were headed for something.... average.

A little over nine years ago, I pulled the car over to the side of the road, called Kim to vent, and expressed for the 8 millionth time how much I hated what I was doing.  This time rather than comfort me she said -  and I quote, - "grow a set and follow your dreams, what do we have to lose?"

In that moment, on that day, we unequivocally decided to never again settle for... average.

From the Titanium Ring Co. to your hand in about one week.  As an authorized dealer of Boone Titanium Rings, your ring ships direct from the manufacturing facility, every single ring custom made to order.

We never forgot that crisp fall evening in 1994; the emotion, the joy.... the price tag!  At the Titanium Ring Co. our philosophy is simple; offer the absolute best quality custom made to order rings in the world in the most exotic and precious metals available and pass the savings - typically around 40% - to our clients with uncompromising Quality and Customer Service.  The internet is impersonal; we are not. This is who we are. We are honored to create your one-of-a-kind ring so you never have to settle for.... average.


Thank you for choosing Titanium Ring Co.
Aaron, Kim, Andrew and Joshua Jon