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We are both so pleased. It's also a perfect fit!!!!  Thank you again for your hard work and commitment to making me happy.  "10 Years of Amazing!" - Mindy

  "she said YES!" - J.P

Thanks so much for the Meteorite Black Zirconium ring you made for my fiancée! He loved it and was shocked that piece of jewelry could be so "badass." The ring is the perfect balance of cool, rugged, and geeky. I was very impressed by your service and I will definitely order from you again in the future!   -Jennifer

I'm so grateful you were able to take the ring I sent you (which was too big and couldn't be sized) and make an EXACT replica for my fiancé! The new ring fits perfectly and he is very happy! Fantastic customer service and prompt delivery! I won't hesitate to refer your company in the future. Many thanks! - Chase

Just received our lapis lazuli wedding band. My hubby to be absolutely loves it!! Customer service is great and shipping was fast. I ordered on Thursday and got the ring on Saturday! Aaron took the time to answer my many questions and address any concerns. I would definitely recommend this Co. to anyone looking for a unique high quality ring!! - Missy

My husband and I absolutely love our titanium rings! They are beautiful. We get complimented on them all the time. The quality and the customer service is second to none. - Jeanine & Doug

Hello Kim and Aaron!  Marty proposed! So I have been wearing the lovely fusion meteorite ring, I just love love love it!!! I have been so careful with it and gentle, but I have a few questions :D It has become really dark and not as sharp, I cannot see any rusting or anything. I love this ring and really want to take care of it, so I haven't showered with it, and I take it off to wash my hands or do the dishes, and if by chance it does get wet, I pat it dry right away. I'd love to put my mind at ease and forget about it, what can I do to protect it? Is there something I can coat it with that will bring back the beautiful shine? I really love this ring and want to do right by it :D thank you so much for your time! I really appreciate it! PS: Marty is so jealous he wants to be wearing his now :D

So, so glad to hear it!  Yes, ours does that too. It can be etched with a little with an acid to bring back the shine then neutralized in a solution of baking soda and water.  It's good to neutralize it a couple times in a fresh solution to be sure all the acid is out of there.  Acid is what can cause the oxidation to dull the color.  It can be protected with an oil made for guns or a wax to add a layer of protection.  It's best to heat the ring to pretty high heat with a hair dryer to be sure all the water is off before coating it otherwise the oil or wax would trap moisture below  Just a general cleaning.  Here's what to do, just soak the ring in the cleaner CLR (acid) available at any hardware store for 20 minutes.  Lemon juice will work too but is weaker and takes longer.  That will remove the buildup.  Rinse and dry very well.  Then mix baking soda (base) and water solution and soak for a few minutes and dry.  Brand new. Also,  it's your engagement ring.  Just wear it and don't worry about babying it, you have many, many years... A quick cleaning every now and then and you are good to go.

My fiancé and I recently ordered our Wedding Rings from you. They are both Meteorite Inlay Rings and they are just beautiful, THANK YOU! We do have one question about them before we start wearing them daily after our wedding in March... That is... since the Meteorite is mostly Iron, will it rust? Do we have to take special care with the rings like, taking them off to shower or do dishes to avoid getting them wet? Or will they dry out out without rusting over time? Thanks so much for the response. We're sooo happy with our rings! :) ~Beth plain water, the meteorite usually won't rust if it's dried off afterwards, showers, swimming, etc., it will dry quickly so forget it's there. In a solution that conducts ions, such as sea water or soapy or highly chlorinated water, the chances of rusting will go up, just pay a little extra attention as you may with sterling silver in a pool. It is possible to oil the meteorite if you foresee it getting wet a lot with a drop of wd40 or the like.

...thank you kindly for the response and the advice. We can't wait to finally get to wear the rings all the time, come March. :)Thanks! ~Beth

hi Aaron, The ring is just how I had pictured it! However, I guess I had misunderstood him. He loves the darker tones like this ring but had wanted a shiny finish. Verses the lighter tones and shiny finish. Is there a way to make the ring i have now shiny or do i need to order a new one? Thanks again for everything you guys did a great job! - Jeni
We will need to totally refinish and re-laser it, but it is possible. Charges will be shipping only.

great! you guys are amazing I will over night it tomorrow - Jeni

I love this ring. It's exactly what she wanted. There is a small issue in that it is a bit small. I was wondering if I might be able to return it for a size 5? Thanks for the great service and I hope you are able to help me out. Have a great day. - G

No problem! Resizing is offered free of charge on our Signature Series you just need to cover return shipping. Be sure to include a note of exactly what you want done.