Meteorite Color Options

Our Meteorite Rings feature Gibeon Meteorite inlays. This is a specific meteorite that fell in western Africa in prehistory and has properties similar to stainless steel. The material is the iron/ nickel core of an asteroid formed at the birth of our Solar System, and has unique crystalline patterns called Widmanstatten Lines caused by the extremely slow cooling of the material in space.

In addition to creating your ring in Titanium, Black Zirconium, Cobalt Chrome or Stainless Steel, you can also select your Meteorite Inlay color for a large number of the Meteorite Inlay Rings we offer.

Natural Black + $20 Gold* + $100

Natural: Gibeon Meteorite just as it fell to earth 4 billion years ago.
Black: Gibeon Meteorite chemically blackened to enhance the Widmanstatten Lines
Gold: Gibeon Meteorite that has been Titanium Nitride plated -

*Gold Meteorite Only: Please allow 2 weeks lead time for Titanium Nitride Plating