Tension Set Titanium Engagement Ring - Helixx


Our Helixx Tension Set  Rings are one of the most technically challenging rings we offer.  The sleek curved shape is actually an ellipse as seen from a fingertip view, and the tapered helix of metal grips the stone at an angle. Total strangers will immediately ask you about this ring! It is nothing short of spectacular. Stunning as a stand alone ring, but we also offer the Helixx Companion to complete the bridal set.  Photographed with a 6.5mm synthetic sapphire.


The Helixx Titanium Ring looks best in a brushed or polished finish with 5-7 mm stones.

Priced in Titanium 6AL4V. This tension set ring is also available in Titanium 8-1-1, Cobalt Chrome and Stainless Steel.

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